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Bangladesh Mohila Samity

Sitara Ahsanullah (S.A) Breast Cancer Detection and Awareness Program

Chairperson: Shamim Akter Chowdhury

BMS identified breast cancer as a significant public health issue based on a National Medical Report of 2001, which had found that 23,300 Bangladeshi women are affected by this disease per year, with a high mortality rate. From 2003, BMS has been carrying out awareness programs on breast cancer and providing medical support to detect and screen the disease at an early stage with the slogan, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.  In 2006 and 2007, with the financial assistance of Country Women Association of Tasmania, Australia (Inc), BMS organized free medical camps and free medical investigation support for poor, high-risk patients in Dhaka city. Finding very positive response to this program, BMS continued this endeavor and organized 27 free medical camps in and outside Dhaka city from 2006 to 2022, with the motive to combat breast cancer.  Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), UK had provided financial assistance for some of these endeavors. At present, with the help of civil society members, BMS runs regular awareness campaigns with free breast cancer detection services at S.A. Breast Cancer Awareness and Detection Center located at head office of BMS. This service is offered 5 days a week, where a qualified female doctor takes care of the patients. Around 13,300 women have been treated under this program till date.

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