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Bangladesh Mohila Samity

Ivy Rahman Memorial Vocational Training Program

Chairperson: Rokeya Rahman

In 2003, Late Ivy Rahman took the initiative to form “Baishakhi Mothers’ Club” and “Falguni Mothers’ Club”, aimed at awareness creation and skill building of underprivileged women. The mothers of the students who are enrolled in the two schools run by BMS are members of these clubs. They are given free non-formal education, basic healthcare counseling and legal support. Emphasis is also given on how to prevent children from picking up unhealthy habits like drug peddling and infectious diseases like HIV/ AIDS. Awareness workshops are held on basic human rights of women and on child trafficking. The fathers are also encouraged to participate in such workshops.

In addition, training on different income generating activities like tailoring, block and batik printing, handicrafts and machine embroidery, fashion designing, are also given to the mothers through these clubs, completely free of charge.

In line with its objective of facilitating women empowerment, BMS has conducted various others programs since 2005, within the ambit of “Ivy Rahman vocational Training and Health Care Services for Women and Children”.

Notable among these are:

  • Leadership Training
  • Six-month adult education program
  • Handicrafts (jute items, glass-bits items, Ikebana, Dry flower and hand embroidery) Training
  • Tailoring course of three months’ duration
  • Awareness building on importance of clean environment, maternal health and breast feeding.

It is noteworthy that these training programs are completely free for women coming from marginalized families.

Till 2022, the number of beneficiaries from Ivy Rahman Vocational Training project is around 1200 (one thousand).

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